Baker Business 3 – Jogo completo (Steam)

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R$ 2,90

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Baker Business 3 – Jogo completo (Steam)
Baker Business 3 – Jogo completo (Steam)

R$ 2,90


Sobre este jogo

Open your dream bakery in this relaxing and fun bakery world. Use real ingredients to bake tasty treats and display them in your shop. Send your incoming customers on their way with fresh-baked goodness. All the while baking and selling your way to a bigger, better, more-decorated, wholesome bakery of your dreams!

Purchase the ingredients you need to make delicious baked goods following realistic recipes. Keep track of your quantities and re-stock as needed. As you level up you can purchase ‘Membership Cards’ to buy ingredients in bulk and save money.

Your customers will come to your bakery with an idea of what they’d like to get. Fulfill their order by collecting what you do have and happily send them on their way. If you’re quick to serve them they’ll even tip you for a job well done!

As you level up you can purchase ‘Bakery Upgrades’ to really make your bakery shine! These upgrades let you expand your bakery, buy more shelf space, additional ovens, unlock tip jars, snack shelves, membership cards
for bulk ingredients
, a whole snack fridge, posters, plants, and more!

Give your bakery a whole new look and feel by completing customization research. Unlock different wallpapers, lights, counter fronts, and tops for the inside of your bakery. Show your storefront some love too with different windows, awnings, doors, and building colors!

Like donuts? Have a bakery focused on donuts. Prefer cupcakes? That’s great! You can freely unlock recipes from the different categories to make your dream bakery and sell whatever you like!
*whisper* Secretly despise carrot cake? That’s fine, don’t sell it! We like it, but you do you.
Or go crazy and unlock it all!

Want to put all your donuts together in one case? Or have the top row be cookies and the bottom be muffins? Pick up and move items around your bakery to achieve your dream-bakery layout.

Need more money? Put the price of an item up. Want more EXP? Put items on sale. You can select items in your bakery or use the ‘Bakery Management’ window to edit prices.

  • Unlock 80+ different recipes
  • Bake with 40+ real-life ingredients
  • Unlock bakery upgrades from ‘tip jar’ to ‘snack fridge’ and more
  • Fulfill your customer’s orders by quickly serving them what they’re asking for
  • Enjoy the relaxing roleplay bakery gameplay at an enjoyable pace
  • Discover secret interactable items in your bakery
  • Do market research to find out what’s popular
  • Edit prices: put things on sale or increase the price
  • Unlock all 90+ Steam Achievements!

Ready. Set. BAKE!!!

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