Demonsions: Industry – Jogo completo (Steam)

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Demonsions: Industry – Jogo completo (Steam)
Demonsions: Industry – Jogo completo (Steam)

R$ 0,90


Sobre este jogo

Demonsions: Industry is an open world, procedurally generated block crafting/building game. Everything can be mined. Enjoy crafting, building, and fully automating your survival in this strange world.

New in Version 0.00: Voxel mining!

All features listed here have been implemented, but may be subject to change.

Game Basics:

  • Many things can be crafted that inherit properties of the material used to craft them
  • Mine Ores by hand with a Pickaxe or by machine, fully automating mining, smelting, and crafting
  • Pick up and move Ore with a Pry Bar to condense your base
    your Pry Bar needs to be at least as hard as the Ore to not destroy it
  • Local grid-based building allows most items to snap into place

Basics of Factory Building:

  • Machines are first crafted, then placed, some machines like Miners function differently depending on the metal used to make it
  • Generators generate power from an energy source, including fuel and solar
  • Power Boxes route power underground automatically to nearby machines and other Power Boxes
  • You can use Platforms made from different metals to isolate power grids from one another
  • Machines need enough available power to function
  • Battery Backups can be used to store extra power being generated and supplement the grid when more power is needed
  • Conveyors connect to a machine’s ports and can either give or take items, depending on the Conveyor direction
  • Multiple Conveyors can attach to the same port and to each other, allowing for splitting and merging functionality
  • Storage Racks hold items from Conveyors and can output items as well
  • Filters can be attached to machine ports to only output certain items

Getting Started and Progression:

  • A Pickaxe is made by first crafting a Pickaxe Head and a Tool Handle. Press E or
    to open the Crafting Menu
  • Click on an item/icon in the Crafting Menu to see its recipe
  • Click and drop inventory items into your hotbar to rearrange them
  • You can find materials to make a basic Pickaxe laying on the ground. Press F or
    to pick them up
  • When night falls you’ll need to craft a Bed, or wait it out using the flashlight in your Scanner to see
  • Beds require Cotton, found on plants growing near water
  • The terrain can be mined for Stone, Dirt, and Sand
  • Once you have a Pickaxe, you can try to find Ores laying around
    some Ores are found underground!
  • Use the Scanner to determine an Ore’s hardness and type
  • Harder Ores require harder Pickaxes to mine efficiently
    same applies to Miner machines
  • If you encounter a Coppie
    jumpy treasure chest
    he’s probably just hungry
  • Once you smelt the Ore Piles in a Furnace, you can set about making new tools, machines, or a base in which to settle down
  • A basic automatic mining/smelting setup will need a Generator, Power Box, Miner, Smelter, Storage, and some Conveyors

Have fun playing!

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