Lil Big Invasion – Jogo completo (Steam)

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Lil Big Invasion – Jogo completo (Steam)
Lil Big Invasion – Jogo completo (Steam)

R$ 0,90


Sobre este jogo

Lil Big Invasion is an exploration based action-adventure game with a unique and quirky take on the 2D dungeon crawler genre. Awake your protective instincts and challenge your brain trying to rescue cute little fireflies which got lost in dangerous dungeons.


Those cute little fireflies got lost in dark and dangerous dungeons. Find them, keep them together and lure them with your light to the exit, which happens to be a giant vacuum cleaner, in order to suck them back home.

In those dungeons you have to outsmart winds, spider webs and glowing flowers. There are also secret paths to discover and helpful creatures for you to ride on. Activate switches and win epic boss fights with the power of your light. But be aware that flying consumes light energy. So keep your light recharged, rescue all those cute little fireflies from all these dangerous dungeons and become a true firefly hero!


You are a firefly guardian who has been trained since youth to protect these cute guys from getting lost in dark and dangerous dungeons. Sounds easy but trust me, it’s a hard job. Especially for an aged firefly guardian like yourself. You’ve been sleeping for just one second and yep, they’ve invaded every dungeon. It’s a ‘Lil Big Invasion’. Now you have to remember your training and save those poor little cute creatures.


After getting to know a dungeon, you can try beating the clock and other players as well. Every dungeon in the main game has its own leaderboard. The quicker you get through, the more points you will get. But be aware that the number of rescued fireflies counts as a multiplier. So make sure to catch them all when you go for that high score.


  • Win 5 unique boss fights
  • Explore 40 handcrafted dungeons
  • Rescue over 400 cute little fireflies
  • Throughout 5 different and exotic worlds
  • Unique dungeon crawler puzzle solving mechanics
  • Charming but also challenging
    100% challenge + bonus content


This game is designed for mouse input and touch screen devices. Also, trackpads do work but are not recommended as the preferred control method.

Note from the developer

Hi, I’m the developer of "Lil Big Invasion". Creating this game was a lot of fun, especially the sound recording sessions 😀 But due to the fact that this is my first game there was a lot of frustration as well. I developed this game in my spare time, so it took me about two years. I hope you will enjoy it :

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Especificação: Lil Big Invasion – Jogo completo (Steam)




Ação, Aventura, Indie




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