Lonely Knight – Jogo completo (Steam)

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R$ 1,90

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Lonely Knight – Jogo completo (Steam)
Lonely Knight – Jogo completo (Steam)

R$ 1,90


Sobre este jogo

Lonely Knight is an action-adventure game set in medieval and ancient times. You are playing as a hero whose name is Tristan. Tristan’s former friend Garreth, seized his wife so he could return to the army. After capturing Nyneve, Tristan felt betrayed and decided to go on an unexpected journey through dangerous lands.

World of betrayal

Experience the action in a whole new light with Tristan’s combat skills, and punish those who betrayed you.
Be prepared to face deadly mythical monsters while avoiding perilous traps. Enter the chaos of war as a bold Knight and Interact with many unique and imaginative creatures and enemies.

Forged in the flames of battles

Battle across the dangerous lands against dragons, Skeletons, Demons, Ghosts, and a corrupted army in your quest for vengeance.
Vanquish your foes using the game’s deep and intuitive combat system that is easy to learn.
Fantastic graphics bring this mythical world to life.

The defeat was merely delayed

Arm yourself with brutal melee weapons, and jump into the Medieval world. Explore the world and defeat all of those who stand in your way. With the help of the God Zeus, show no mercy. Take to the field of battle and experience the brutality of medieval combat in a third-person perspective with hundreds of on-screen units, each with their own detailed AI.

Key Features:

  • Experience a lawless land

Live an epic adventure through stunning landscapes.

  • Dispense your own justice

With a sword on your back, become a ruthless Knight.

  • Epic Universe

Unlike anything the player has seen before, take a look at a unique style.

  • Freedom

Explore the vast world and face various challenges – go solo and complete quests.

  • Fantasy

Explore lands inspired by medieval time including frosted mountaintops, deep forests, swamps, ruins, and caves, evacuated cities, deserts, and many more. Discover ancient secrets, seek forgotten treasures, and face mythical creatures inspired by medieval tales!

Be part of an exciting story

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