Project Demigod – Jogo completo (Steam)

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R$ 3,90

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Project Demigod – Jogo completo (Steam)
Project Demigod – Jogo completo (Steam)

R$ 3,90


Sobre este jogo

Project Demigod is a Physics-Based, Superpower, Combat-Heavy, VR Game!

Become the Hero of your dreams, as you mix and match fantastic superpowers in different combinations and take on Ninjas, Robots, Gangs, Mutants, Aliens, and more!

  • Fight, fly, swing, shoot, and smash your way through physics-based ragdoll enemies!
  • Physical weapons with full stabbing physics!
  • Utilize new abilities, weapons, and items to develop your own personal combat style!
  • Switch power sets on the fly to create an infinite number of unique combos!
  • Grab an enemy Robot, throw it into the air, jet boost after him, and then punch him through a wall, before grappling him back to you for another round!
  • Destructible Objects! Use the environment to smash your enemies through walls, floors, and a ton of breakable items.
  • Future updates will include additional powers, enemies, levels, challenges, storylines, events, and more!

Multiple Power Sets to Mix and Match:

  • Strength: Use your enhanced physique to climb almost everything, or toss your enemies into the air.
  • Flames: Fly through the skies and throw fireballs to launch your enemies!
  • Spider: Swing through the city, or grapple enemies and objects towards you.
  • Blaster: Fire bolts of energy from your hands.
  • Weapons: Create Swords, Shields, Kunai, and more to give you the edge in physical combat.
  • Healing, Enemy Tracking, and more!

Multiple Enemy Types, all with Full Physics Ragdolls

  • Robots!
  • Ninjas!
  • Powered Agents!
  • Non-Humanoid Ragdoll Enemies
  • Aerial Drones!
  • and so much more to come!

An open world city, plus five unique combat sandboxes where you can fight waves of enemies in close quarters combat!:

  • Millennium City: An open world metropolis with its own Traffic and Pedestrian Systems!
  • Apartment Complex
  • Ancient City
  • Gladiator Arena
  • Research Center
  • Training Grounds, an open area for practicing and experimenting with power sets and combinations.

Don’t forget to join the Discord server
Link is above
, where you can post ideas, suggestions, bugs, and gameplay videos!

I hope you enjoy it, and I look forward to making this an incredible game.

There is so much more to come!

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