Super Web Kittens: Act I – Jogo completo (Steam)

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R$ 1,90

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Super Web Kittens: Act I – Jogo completo (Steam)
Super Web Kittens: Act I – Jogo completo (Steam)

R$ 1,90


Sobre este jogo

Super Web Kittens is a short linear lighthearted story made with a ton of love and irony & styled as visual novel with battle shonen elements. Immerse yourself in school life in the dystopian society, where animals with anime eyes have almost replaced humanity and make some new fluffy friends!

???? Meet the gang
A fluffy trio of strange friends studying in one class with you and SHINING with their distinctive personalities. Watch them interact with each other using different ways of communication such as fully animated facial expressions, speech patterns and unique character traits. And of course, you can join them too!

???? Back to school
Do you remember talking with anime cats during school lessons? No? Huh, that’s strange. Probably I’m the only one who do, but now that does not really matter! Authentic experience of studying in one school with anime cats is now being displayed right on your display! Enjoy great school days.

???? Aesthetics of the Internet
Game art style is based on different Creative Commons & Public Domains assets found on the Internet and thoroughly edited in a free graphics editor
Oh, and you can use them too!
. Some musical tracks and sprites were even composed/processed with usage of neural networks and machine learning. Laziness? No, it’s creativeness!

???? & ???? FULL macOS X & Linux support! Buy game and launch it on any supported platform freely, anytime you want.

???? Light-hearted and humoristic story in a contrasting setting

???? Experimental mix of web comic, visual novel and battle shonen elements

???? Focus on charismatic characters cast, humor, action and school life!

???? Hang out with cute anime cats!

???? And sometimes even dogs

???? REMEMBER! This game is NOT a cat dating simulator.

* — asterisk.
** — macOS X required to run macOS X version of the game
Linux required to run Linux version of the game.
**** — Physics laws are required to run this game.
Contact system administrator in case your timeline doesn’t have one.

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Especificação: Super Web Kittens: Act I – Jogo completo (Steam)




Ação, Aventura, Casual, Indie, RPG




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