Tumblefire – Jogo completo (Steam)

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Tumblefire – Jogo completo (Steam)
Tumblefire – Jogo completo (Steam)

R$ 0,90


Sobre este jogo

Prepare for a pulse-pounding first person heist in Prospector Peaks.

Use movable ladders to scale buildings and mountains.

Use explosive kegs to fling vaults across the map.

Use wagons to haul tools and escape town with every vault.

Complete your heist and see where you rank on global leaderboards.

Plan a good old fashioned heist using force, logic, and everything you can get your hands on in our semi-procedurally generated old west town.

Tumblefire features a competitive heist in an interactive environment.

Emergent gameplay through your choices with objects in the world is a pillar of design.

Build structures by stacking together crates and coffins in the world around you.

Spin, flip, and rotate anything you can pick up to create bridges, strike objects, or fit them through gaps.

Punch, throw, and push your way through doors, crates, fruit baskets, and more.

Every heist starts with a ticking timer and a new layout.

Rush straight for the vaults or take your time to create the optimal path and execute it.

Current Features

  • Multiplayer leaderboard to show your latest heist time against every other Tumble thief in the world.
  • Interactive low-poly environment with mountains, gullies and climbing challenges.
  • Numerous interactive Old West buildings and physics props.
  • Smooth Rigid body First Person Controller.
  • Dynamic Physics-enabled ladders allowing you to climb anywhere you can see.
  • Physics-enabled Push Carts to carry tools and vaults.
  • Procedurally placed heist objectives balanced for competitive play.
  • Useful tools for thieving like powder kegs, crates, and more.
  • Action-packed heist mode for you to try and beat your score and other thieves around the world.
  • Animated old west environment with cactuses, shrubs, trees, and bushes.


This title is Early Access and is a work-in-progress!

Join us on Twitter and Discord to provide feedback during this early stage of development.

Click here to join: https://discord.gg/zsYYvrVQkE

2023 Roadmap

  • Deeper procedural level generation to make each heist feel more dynamic
  • 5 unique old west heists with unique leaderboards
    On a moving train, In a Canyon City, On a battlefield
  • Friendly and not-so-friendly NPCs
    flying cow skulls, cowboys, bandits
  • Satisfying Object Fracturing
    doors and facades shattering into splinters, window panes fracturing and clinging to window frames
  • Burning Re-implementation
    Burning is temporarily removed as we rewrite for GPU instancing and integrate igniting and extinguishing tools

Informação adicional

Especificação: Tumblefire – Jogo completo (Steam)




Ação, Acesso Antecipado, Aventura, Casual, Estratégia, Indie, RPG, Simulação




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